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We are authorized official representative of more than 22 Medical, Technical & Federal Universities of Russian Federation.

Top Technical Universities

St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University was founded in 1899. Recently SPbPU became “National Research University”, also known in Russia and abroad...

Ukhta Technical University

Ukhta State Technical University

Ukhta State Technical University is a representative of oil and gas Universities in Russia. It is the largest technical University...

Don State Technical University

Don State Technical University

Don State Technical University dates back to 1930 when it was established as the North-Caucasus Institute of Agricultural Machine-Building. In...

Southern Federal University

Southern Federal University, abbreviated as SFedU and formerly known as Rostov State University, is a public university in Rostov Oblast,...

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MBBS in Russia

Study MBBS in Russia in Top Government Medical Universities

The Doctors-IEA; A trusted name for Study MBBS in Russia (In India). One of the Leading International Educational Consultants for “Medical Study In Russia” having branches in all main states of India & representatives in more than twenty-eight countries across the world.

MBBS in Russia, study mbbs in russia, top medical universitites in russiaWelcome to the world of education and prospects. In today’s world education is the key asset that can make one stand out of crowd, Doctors-IEA is lead & managed by experienced educational advisors for Study MBBS in Russia. In an increasingly globalized world economy, people need special skills and qualities to succeed. We have gathered considerable experience, expertise, and database on a large number of universities and programs. We have also established Direct Contracts with a number of Medical, Engineering, Economical, Universities in Russia. Russia’s higher education system is considered one of the best in the world due to its quality, prestige, and affordability.


On the world stage, Russia has the remarkable distinction in the Higher Education System. Russian Medical Education is considered its standard one & most advanced one. It is sophisticated in the world as every institution is well equipped and teaching methods are regulated and streamlined providing for extensive development of students in chosen specialties.

Study in Russia

The Russian medical degrees have topped WHO and UNESCO ranking and have got global recognition. About 30 positions are occupied by the Russian Medical Universities in World Ranking and The Russian Federation has some of the finest medical Universities in World Ranking. The Indian students seeking admission are admitted to those institutions which are recognized by this medical council of India for screening test conducted by NMC. Compared to western countries, the tuition fee in Russian institutions is reasonable. Compared to western countries the imparting system of higher education in Russia is well formulated and advanced.

Becoming A MBBS Doctor – A Highly Satisfying And Reputed Profession

There are very few professions in this world that offer utter satisfaction and a greater sense of achievement, pursuing MBBS in Russia for International students and becoming a top-class doctor is among one of them. The satisfaction derives not only in the terms of income or salary you can generate once you become a full-fledged doctor, but the happiness you receive by serving mankind and getting their blessing as well. Doctors-IEA is providing direct admissions to Indian & foreign students to the Top Medical Universities of Russia. We are the official authorized representatives of more than 20 medical, federal universities. Some of them having English Medium courses in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and students can also study in Russian Medium.

Achievements of The Doctors IEA

  • Doctors-IEA, the only consultancy in India, promoting one and only Russian Universities. The best choice among Indian & foreign students/parents for Russian Universities. Doctors-IEA is proud of making positive differences in our student’s lives through innovative and authentic guidance counseling.
  • Doctors-IEA Team is the official representative of Top Rank Medical, Federal & Technical Universities of Russia.
  • Doctors-IEA is dedicated to offering experienced, impartial, and precise counseling services to students wishing to study MBBS in Russia.
  • Doctors-IEA received awards for best educational consultants in India and for commitment basis services from Russian Universities administrations.
  • Students can also approach our director in-person at the Doctors-IEA head office in Delhi. You can meet him and clarify your crucial doubts, and get an idea about the university where you wish to study.
  • Doctors-IEA possesses skills and years of experience to provide one-to-one service. You can always trust Doctors-IEA Team and keep a step forward to start your journey towards your dream.
  • Studying abroad is not easy. It comes with many challenges and new goals. It depends on how smartly and wisely you use your brain to approach us at the right time. Helping students is our number one priority.
  • We don’t sell dreams, we help you to live your dreams.

Advantages of  studying MBBS in Russia

  • Study Medical (MBBS) in Russia a good choice for those who want to become good doctors.
  • Russia, the world’s largest nation, borders European and Asian countries.
  • Get MBBS admission with Doctors-IEA only in NMC, WHO recognized Universities.
  • No entrance test, only direct admission.
  • There are no capitation fees or donations to be paid in the University.
  • Affordable fees & the cost of living is also very low.
  • Medical Universities of Russia have good infrastructure, advanced technology, and good living conditions.
  • Studies for foreign students are in English Medium.
  • Admission on a first come first admitted basis, until the last seat.
  • Students are taught in smalls groups for individual attention i.e 12-15 students in a group.
  • Hostels are in campus or nearby university within 25-30 minutes.
  • Visiting Professors, Scientists from the USA, UK, India, Germany & other European countries.
  • Medical students from India are eligible to appear in the FMGE exam (NMC) after completion of the MBBS course from Russia.

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Russia

  • The climate of Russia is very contrast as compared to India.
  • In winter, students have to go through severe cold conditions.
  • The temperature can be very low and even well below zero-degree.
  • Initially, students may go through homesickness, living away from home and family for a long period.
  • Students may get in contact with the indigenous diseases found in Russia.
  • They will find themselves in an entirely new culture and tradition and might feel difficult to adapt with them initially.
  • Language barrier will be another challenge to deal with.
  • The modern and glittering lifestyle may distract students from their studies and career goal.
  • Adapting to a new place, weather, culture, and new language along with focusing on studies might be difficult.

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Why Study Russia?

Russia is a highly educated country with over half of its residents holding a university degree. Russians have rich, centuries-old educational traditions. Russian Medical & Technical Universities provide their students with comfortable studying and living conditions and help them adapt to the country. Russian universities train a wide variety of specialists, both in engineering and the humanities, and regularly place at the top of international rankings. Education in Russia is much more affordable than in the USA, UK, or other European countries. Each year Russia accepts students from all over the world, from nearly 160 countries or more.

Here are so many reasons to choose Russia as a country for your education:

  • No donation, no bribery, or capitation costs.
  • Easy Admission Process.
  • Russian degrees are recognized globally.
  • Extensive range of possibilities and big exposure through practicals arranged by the Universities.
  • Low fees, the living expenses for students are less compared to other countries.
  • Russian curriculum is wider and gives the student a broader base of knowledge.
  • Professors with long and international experience.
  • Russian Medical, IT, Engineering, and mathematical degrees are highly prized in the Western world.
  • Educates highly skilled professionals for its science-intensive hi-tech sectors like Shipbuilding, aircraft building, defense industries, electronics, telecommunication, IT, Nanotechnology, space technology, etc.

Contact Doctors-IEA team: +79515174507 (Rus) |+917428212236, 7428203118 (Ind)

MBBS in Russia for Indian Students – Why Should Indian Students Apply for MBBS in Russia

There are many sparkling and positive benefits of doing MBBS from Russian medical universities. The advantage of study MBBS in Russia grab the attention of thousands of Indian and international students and compel them to pursue MBBS from this country.

Subsidized Education:  Students and parents should know that the top Government of Russian Medical Universities in Russia is reasonably low because medical education in Russia is generously subsidized by the Government by 60%. As a result, the fees to study MBBS in Russia for Indian students become three times cheaper than private medical colleges in India.

Study MBBS at NMC and WHO recognized medical universities: Education is power so much so that it can take life or bless life. A highly qualified doctor can save the lives of people suffering from various diseases and ailments.  Hence the selection of the best medical university abroad where top-grade MBBS education is offered becomes extremely crucial. Russia offered plenty of opportunities to do MBBS from renowned and world-class medical universities that are recognized by international organizations like WHO, NMC, ECFMG, EUA, etc.

Medical and health care facility for Indian students:  The biggest advantage to study MBBS in Russia is that all top medical universities in Russia are committed to providing high-quality medical and healthcare facilities within the campus. If any students fall ill, the administration takes care of him/her and provides the best healthcare assistance available at the university’s polyclinic and hospital. All medical and rehabilitation centers are well-furnished with state of an art healthcare facilities. Students go through the annual health check-up as well. Medical insurance is provided to all international students. The cost of medical insurance may vary from university to university.

English Medium: The medium of instruction in many NMC recognized medical is English which is extremely suitable for international students including Indians. The Russian language is also taught to students allow them to learn the local language and dialect as well. Teaching and training for the English-medium MBBS course is provided by professors highly experienced and expert in teaching foreign universities

Here the notable thing for parents and students is that agents who are neither authorized representative not have direct access to admission procedure, often shows tuition fees for Russian taught MBBS program. The fees for such a program are lesser than an English medium course. Hence you should be very careful about this. If you have any doubt regarding this, you are requested to get in touch with the authorized education consultant of the university for free counseling to understand everything about MBBS in Russia.

Direct Admission for Indian or International Students: The major drawback of the Indian education system is that candidates who cannot make it into the merit list after appearing in the entrance exam have very limited options left for them. They have to either wait for another year or choose MBBS abroad. The best thing is that Indian students do not have to go through the entrance examination in some universities & some universities are taking the normal entrance exams for Chemistry, Biology, or English to get admission to Government Medical Universities in Russia. Admission in medical courses is offered to international and Indian students on a first-come, first-serve basis till the last seat is grabbed.

Quality benchmark: Sans doubt, Russian medical universities have set a quality benchmark in the education industry. It also consistently focuses on technically upgraded classrooms and advanced scientific labs. For this reason, the medical university in Russia is on boom like never before, attracting medical aspirants from all over the world.

Low Cost: Russia is an affordable place for MBBS courses. The education is subsidized by the Russian Government. Hence the cost of MBBS in Russia is comparatively cheaper and low as compared to India and other parts of the world including the USA, UK, Canada, etc. The cost of an English-taught MBBS course normally ranges between $4000-8000$ yearly depending on the university. Hence to study MBBS in Russia for Indian Students is preferably better than paying a huge donation in India.

Hostel & Accommodation option for Indian students: A hostel facility is available for international students. The hostel buildings and rooms are well-furnished with all modern and essential amenities such as room-heater, water, electricity, laundry, bedsheet, table, and more. The hostel building contains double-bedded and triple-bedded arrangements. Common Kitchen is also provided for those who want to relish the taste of their own cooked food. Moreover, many restaurants and cafeterias are also available at a nearby distance. Food of all kinds including Indian, European, Chinese, Malaysian, and more food are readily available.

Students can also avail of a rented apartment in Russia, nevertheless, it is recommended to seek a campus hostel for the initial years until students do not get familiar with the local language and environment. There is a separate arrangement for boys and girls. Hostel buildings and university campuses are quite safe and secure for both girls and boys. All modern safety arrangements are duly applied in universities to ensure a safe and peaceful environment for medical education. Doctors-IEA representatives will also help students to find suitable accommodation in Russia.

The MBBS duration in Russia is 6 years for English medium and 7 years for Russian medium. 

Some other reasons to study MBBS in Russia include:

  • A highly popular destination for Indian and international students.
  • A renowned hub for top-ranked medical universities and technical universities.
  • Direct admission in the MBBS course.
  • Low-cost MBBS fees.
  • Hostels are within the campus or located at a short distance from the university.
  • Provision of a separate hostel for boys and girls.
  • Students have lots of options after getting an MBBS degree from Russia.
  • No IELTS/TOEFL required.
  • The bulk of Indian students already studying MBBS in various top medical universities.
  • Degree recognized worldwide.
  • More than 50 NMC recognized medical universities in Russia.
  • Students can follow the postgraduate program after MBBS in Russia.
  • Easy admission procedure.
  • Students can prepare for FMGE/PLAB/USMLE during their MBBS study.
  • Indian food and restaurant are available.

NEET eligibility criteria for MBBS in Russia 2021

The minimum age to appear in the NEET exam is 17 years at the time of admission or by December 31, 2021. There is no upper age limit. Candidates must have passed in qualifying subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. The validity of the NEET 2021 results will be three years from the date of its announcement. The minimum qualifying mark as per NEET 2021 is as such below:

Category Minimum aggregate percentage in PCB
General 50%
General – PWD 45%
SC/ST/OBC/Reserved-PWD 40%

Doctors-IEA Insight: Students and parents should know that NEET is mandatory for aspirants of MBBS or its equivalent qualification from any foreign nation. Hence if any unauthorized agent gives you an offer to Study MBBS in Russia without NEET abroad, you should be very careful and immediately reject that offer. To remove any suspicion and doubt, please contact the Doctors-IEA team for a free consultation.

General Information

  • Why should I study in Russia?

The standard of higher education in Russia is considered to be one of the most advanced and sophisticated in the world. Russian degrees have received global recognition and have topped the World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) rankings.

  • What would be the services offered by The Doctors-IEA and have to be paid for?

The Doctors-IEA exclusively gives details for the pre-admission and post-admission services to the student. These are detailed in the schedule of charges payable to The Doctors-IEA. All work from Admission to arrival in the university is including in our services.

  • Are the medical degrees from Russian Universities recognized?

YES. As per the amendment to the Indian Medical Act, 1956, any Indian student intending to study medicine in any medical college anywhere in the world for a graduate medical course has to obtain an eligibility certificate from the NMC, New Delhi before joining the medical college abroad. After the successful completion of the course, the student is expected to appear for a screening test conducted by the National Board of Examination ( as required by the NMC India ( prior to the registration with the NMC. More details could be obtained from the NMC either from their office in New Delhi or from their official website. The responsibility of obtaining the eligibility certificate as required by the NMC rests with the student.

Post Graduate courses from nowhere in the world are registered with the Medical Council of India. This would mean that you would be unable to neither work as a specialist in a government hospital nor teach the specialization learned. You would, however, have your own private practice or work in a private hospital. Since you would be doing your specialization from a University, which is listed by the WHO in its “Directory of world medical schools”, you would be eligible to appear for screening examinations to many screening examinations like PLAB, USMLE.

Note please: All students have to follow the rules of their Medical Councils of their countries before the admission process.

  • Would the student have to give any entrance examination prior to joining the university in Russia?

Unlike the other countries, there are no pre-qualifying examinations like NEET, TOEFL, IELTS, etc for admission to the Universities in Russia. The admissions are based on the 12th standard marks for the Graduate courses and as per the equivalency of the Indian graduate degree with the Russian degrees for the postgraduate courses. All admissions are strictly on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • What are Russian classroom environments like?

In most Russian universities, there is generally a teacher-student ratio of 1:10, which gives you a more attentive and personal learning environment.

  • What if the classes are conducted in Russian? I don’t even speak Russian!

If the medium of instruction for your intended course is Russian, you will receive an academic year-long Preparatory course conducted in Russian before you begin your actual university studies. This course teaches you, Russian, in more detail, and also covers the prerequisite subjects that you need to know to begin your university studies. But for foreign students Courses are available in English Medium only and to learn the Russian language for foreign students there are six hours of classes in a week.

  • What if the classes are conducted in English? Do I need to be proficient in Russian?

For medical studies, the first three years consist of pre-clinical training and are more lectures oriented. The pre-clinical subjects are taught completely in the English language. However, there are Russian language classes as a part of the curriculum from the first year itself. This is necessary since from the fourth year the students would start their clinical subjects, which would require him/her to attend the clinics and hospitals as part of his training and would have to interact with the local Russian patients and hence would require knowing the local language. Students are therefore required to be proficient in the Russian language so that they are able to gain the most out of their higher education in Russia. Also, the knowledge of the local language is an added asset for the student to interact with the local population. In short, proficiency in Russian is a MUST if you choose to enroll in Russian Higher Education.

  • Are there any scholarships or grants given to foreign students?

Education in Russia is highly subsidized by the Government of the Russian Federation. Therefore there are no separate scholarships or grants available from individual universities. However, educational bank loans for abroad studies up to 15 lakhs are now available from all nationalized, co-operative and private sector banks. These loans are available at very low interest and are generally repaid in easy installments, one year after the completion of the educational period.

  • Can The Doctors-IEA help the students with the bank Loans?

The Doctors-IEA could guide the student/parent with regards to the bank loans available and also guide the students about the loan formalities. The Doctors-IEA could also support the student with all the documents that he/she would require from the University. However, the student/parent would have to fulfill the eligibility regarding the issuance of the bank loan and the responsibility of securing the loan would remain with the student.

  • How do I apply for my passport?

For obtaining a passport, you need to apply to your local passport office in an application form available at the passport office. It would, however, be an easier process for the student to apply through a travel agent since he is well aware of the process. The process normally takes around 4 to 5 weeks for the issuance of the passport after the date of application and the passport is sent directly to your address. However, it is known that the issuance of the passport makes take a longer time, which may result in a delay in proceeding to Russia or even the cancellation of your admission. Therefore, you should take all precautions and plan accordingly. There is also a facility to have your passport issued on a “Tatkaal” basis on the submission of your letter of admission which will take 5-7 days.

Top Government Medical Universities in Russia 

Russia is a country and it is situated in Asia and Eastern Europe. Russia is the largest country in the world by land area, also known as the Russian Federation. Moscow is the capital of Russia and the Russian Federation and Moscow is the largest city in the world. 

Russia map
Study MBBS/BDS/MD/MDS in Russia Doctors-IEA

Russia has a good reputation in the field of Medical Education, Engineering, Economics, etc. Russia has been a popular destination for international students for pursuing Medicine since the USSR time. Russian Medical Universities are recognized by the Ministry of Health and Education of the Russian Federation, WHO, NMC, ECFMG, Medical councils of some Asian, African, Arabian & European countries. The duration of MBBS in Russia (English Medium) is six years and for Russian Medium is seven years.

Russia has become an increasingly popular destination for medical studies (MBBS) amongst International students due to its global standards of education and affordable fee structure. Medical education in Russia is subsidized by the Russian government, as the comparison to other countries the tuition fees for MBBS are less. The average cost of studying MBBS (Medicine) in Russia starts from 4500-6000 USD per year including hostel fees. 

MBBS Admission in Russia process for Russian Universities is very easy, any student from across the world can take direct MBBS Admission without any entrance exam (some universities having an entrance exam). Students who will graduate from Top Russian Medical Universities can practice in India & anywhere across the world, they have to follow the entrance exams of Medical councils of their native countries. 

Admission Procedure for MBBS in Russian Universities

The application form can be filled up online. Admission will be confirmed only after a screening of the documents/application form of the candidate and by the approval of the official representatives of  university for Study MBBS in Russia : Doctors-IEA Pvt. Ltd.

  • Online application form through our website.
  • Mark sheet of secondary school certificate.
  • NEET qualification is mandatory for Indian Students.
  • A valid passport with a minimum duration of 2 years
  • A recent HIV test report, Chest X-ray, Medical fitness certificate.
  • The age limit for applicants to higher educational establishments is 17- 25 years. For postgraduate candidates -35 years. For Doctoral Candidates-45 years.
  • Your contact information: postal address, phone numbers, and email must be correct in the application form, otherwise the same time we will cancel your admission.

Get Admission in MBBS in Russa through Doctors-Ideal Educational Advisors 

Documents which student have to bring on his/her arrival in Russia:

In order to enter the territory of the Russian Federation and to be admitted to the university, a student should have the following documents: 

  • Passport (valid for not less than 2 years).Study in Russia
  • Student entry visa.
  • Immigration Card (supplied during the flight or at the airport; it must be completed by the student and stamped by customs in the airport right after arrival in Russia).
  • Negative HIV test result.
  • 20 passport size (3-4 cm) black and white photographs in matt finish.

For candidates obtaining admission to the foundation course or the first year of studies:

  • Original of complete higher secondary education certificate (including mark sheet/academic transcript), that should be legalized/apostille (i.e. stamped by the Ministry of External Affairs (or Ministry of Education) and the Embassy/General Consulate of the Russian Federation in the country where the student obtained the certificate).
  • 2 copies of legalizing/apostille completed higher secondary education certificate (including mark sheet/academic transcript) notarized at the Embassy/ General Consulate of the Russian Federation and translated into the Russian language; the translation should be certified by a notary from the Embassy/General Consulate of the Russian Federation in your country and attached to the copies. All pages of the copies should be numbered, stamped, and officially sealed.

For candidates obtaining admission to the Master’s degree, Postgraduate course or PhD

  • Original of higher education degree (including mark sheet/academic transcript for all academic years with subjects, marks and hours for each subject listed) that should be legalized/apostille, (i.e. stamped by the Ministry of External Affairs (or Ministry of Education) and the Embassy/General Consulate of the Russian Federation in the country where the student obtained the certificate).
  •  2 copies of legalizing/apostille higher education degree (including mark sheet/academic transcript) notarized at the Embassy/ General Consulate of the Russian Federation and translated into the Russian language; the translation should be certified by a notary from the Embassy/General Consulate of the Russian Federation in your country and attached to the copies. All pages of the copies should be numbered, stamped, and officially sealed.

Thus, each legalized document should have 2 or more stamps:

  • Legalization stamp of the Ministry of External Affairs of the country that issued your educational documents.
  • Legalization stamp of the Embassy/ General Consulate of the Russian Federation in the country that issued your educational documents.

IMPORTANT: These documents must be with the student before entering Russia, without these documents we can’t accept your admission and university can send you back to your country.

Receiving of Students in Russia:

All incoming foreign students will be received at the place of arrival in Russia by the representatives of Doctors-IEA.

Admission Cell Contact: 

Doctors-IEA helping students getting enrolled in Top Medical Universities for MBBS/MD/MS/BDS/MDS courses in Russia. Doctors-IEA has Direct Contracts with Top leading Universities of Russia. Doctors-IEA helping students in choosing the best Medical Universities in Russia according to student’s choice & their budget. It’s a great opportunity for Foreign students to get direct MBBS Admission at low processing & tuition fees, for more details write to us at

Today Russia’s higher education system is considered one of the best in the world due to its quality, prestige, and affordability. Russia is a highly educated country with over half of its residents holding a university degree. Russians have rich, centuries-old educational traditions. Russian Medical & Technical Universities train a wide variety of specialists, regularly place at the top of international rankings. Education in Russia is much more affordable than in the USA or UK. 

Call for more details about the university, admission, processing, fees for Study in Russia:

+91-7428212236, 7428203118, 8010503035

Toll-free 1800-419-5827 (For Indian Students), +79515174507 (International Students)
Students or parents can write to us at WhatsApp also: +917428212236, +79515174507

Fee Structure of Top Russian Universities 2021/22 | Doctors-IEA Team

Doctors-IEA Pvt. Ltd is the authorized and official admission partner of Top Russian Medical, Federal & Technical Universities. We welcome Indian students as well as Foreign Students who want to study their MBBS in Russia 2021 intake. We have the top 10 medical universities in Russia for MBBS on our list, where you can chase your dream to become a good doctor. Russian medical universities are well known for their high quality of medical education and highly professional teaching staff. Medical universities of Russia (MBBS) have high rankings among the world’s best medical universities. Russia has an advantage in many medical universities for Indian &

International students to study MBBS in Russia in English Medium for a full 6 years degree program. MBBS in Russian medium is also taught for the students who are coming from countries where English is not an official language or they are not good at English. Indian Students prefer to study MBBS at Russian medical universities because all medical universities in Russia are recognized by the WHO and National Medical Commission of India. Graduates from Russian medical universities are working all over the world as they are prepared well to provide the best treatments for their patients with proper and modern medical techniques. Among the whole European medical universities, Russia is quite an affordable study abroad destination for international students. Every year Medical universities in Russia accept thousands of students from Asian, African, European & Arab countriesMedical Universities of Russia has its own hospitals, clinics, and research centers which helps students to sharpen their practical skills along with theory and to be a good successful doctor in the future, that’s why Study MBBS in Russia is the first choice for Indian students as compared to other countries. Here are some top Medical Universities of Russia fees:-

Fee structure of Kazan State Medical University

Fees Pattern Total Fee
1st Year
2nd-6th Per Year
Grand Total
Per Year 6800 USD 5750 USD 35500USD

*Yearly fees include tuition fee, hostel fee & medical insurance fee.

*Tuition fees are fixed for six years.

*Students who will live in private hostel or apartments fee will differ for them. (it can be 7800-8000 $).Fee structure of

Fee structure of Crimea Federal University

Fees Pattern Total Fee
1st Year
2nd-6th Per Year
Grand Total
Per Year 6200 USD 4680 USD 29600USD

*Yearly fees include tuition fee, hostel fee & medical insurance fee.

*From 2nd to 6th year, tuition fees can be increased 3-4% every year as per university.

*Regarding Hostel note please; the rates mentioned in fees are for normal hostels as per all students where 2-4 students will live as per the size of the room, who wants to live in the hostel as per apartments (2 people in a room) for that 520 $ additional student has to pay. 

Fee structure of  Rostov State Medical University

Fees Pattern Total Fee
1st Year
2nd-6th Per Year
Grand Total
Per Year 6500 USD 4250 USD 27750USD

*Yearly fees include tuition fee, hostel fee & medical insurance fee.

*From 2nd to 6th year, tuition fees can be increased 3-4% every year as per university.

Fee structure of Kazan Federal University – (IFMB)

Fees Pattern Total Fee
1st Year
2nd-6th Per Year
Grand Total
Per Year 7400 USD 5800 USD 36400USD

*Yearly fees include tuition fee, hostel fee & medical insurance fee.

*Tuition fees are fixed for the first to last year.

Fee structure of Volgograd State Medical University

Fees Pattern Total Fee
1st Year
2nd-6th Per Year
Grand Total
Per Year 8500 USD 6900 USD 43000USD

*Yearly fees include tuition fee, hostel fee & medical insurance fee.

*Tuition fees are fixed for six years.

Fee structure of North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov

Fees Pattern Total Fee
1st Year
2nd-6th Per Year
Grand Total
Per Year 7600 USD 6200 USD 38600USD

*Yearly fees include tuition fee, hostel fee & medical insurance fee. 

*Tuition fees are fixed for six years.

Fee structure of  Kursk State Medical University

Fees Pattern Total Fee
1st Year
2nd-6th Per Year
Grand Total
Per Year 6280 USD 6200 USD 37280USD

*Yearly fees include tuition fee, hostel fee & medical insurance fee.

*Tuition fees are fixed for six years.

Fee structure of  People’s Friendship University

Fees Pattern Total Fee
1st Year
2nd-6th Per Year
Grand Total
Per Year 11700 USD 11000 USD 66700USD

*Yearly fees include tuition fee, hostel fee & medical insurance fee.

*Tuition fees are fixed for six years.

Fee structure of  North-Ossetian State Medical Academy

Fees Pattern Total Fee
1st Year
2nd-6th Per Year
Grand Total
Per Year 6000 USD 4600 USD 29000USD

*Yearly fees include tuition fee, hostel fee & medical insurance fee.

*Tuition fees are fixed for six years.

Fee structure of  Stavropol State Medical University

Fees Pattern Total Fee
1st Year
2nd-6th Per Year
Grand Total
Per Year 5800 USD 5250 USD 32050USD

*Yearly fees include tuition fee, hostel fee & medical insurance fee.

*Tuition fees are fixed for six years.

  • 1 USD = INR 70 applied at the time of preparing the above structure.
  • The amount payable may differ at the time of exchange depending on the forex rate.

Secure your seat for your MBBS degree in Russia. MBBS Fees Russia 2021, Easy pay options available. Get direct admission through Doctors-IEA official representative for MBBS in Russia. To know more about MBBS fees in Russia Call our representative at 1800-419-5827

Frequently Asked Questions for MBBS in Russia

Q – Is NEET a mandatory requirement for MBBS in Russia?

Yes, NEET is the first step towards seeking admission to a medical university abroad. Students cannot do MBBS in Russia without NEET. Candidate must score qualifying marks in the NEET examination to study MBBS in Russia.

Q – Is an MBBS degree from Russia valid in India and other countries like the USA, UK, Canada, etc?

Yes, Russian medical universities are accredited and recognized by many eminent and prestigious medical councils and organizations such as the Ministry of Health and Higher education, WHO, UNESCO, NMC, ECFMG, IHF, AMA, etc. Hence, a degree obtains after MBBS in Russia is deemed valid in India as well as worldwide. It is recommended to take admission to an NMC recognized university if you want to practice in India.

Q – How much does it cost to study MBBS in Russia?

The cost of MBBS in Russia for Indian students will vary from university to university. However, the average cost of the MBBS course range from $3800 to $8000 per annum. This is much lesser as compared to private medical colleges in India and other foreign countries like the USA, UK, and Canada.

Q – Do I need to go through any entrance exams to get admission?

Yes, in 3 to 4 universities in Russia. And other universities are accepting applicants on a secondary school certificate or NMC rules basis.

Q – How fake agents or middlemen mislead students?

These are the misleading and false clauses used during the interaction with the students:

  • Promoting Russian program as completely English-taught MBBS program.
  • Ask students to pay 6-year fees altogether.
  • Levy charges that are complex and hard to understand.
  • Attract students towards below-par medical university for their own profit.
  • Subsidized Education scheme (Remember subsidy is applied to all students enrolling for MBBS course in Russia without any distinction. Students need not pay anything to Agent for this).

Always contact legitimate and official admission partner for MBBS in Russia – Doctors-IEA team for admission and MBBS registration 2021 to stay away from fake agents and their fraud.

Q – How to choose the best medical university in Russia?

The selection of the best medical university should be based on its ranking, quality of education, the medium of teaching, infrastructure, experienced faculties, and accommodation facilities for students. Moreover, students can get direct admission in MBBS in Russia through Doctors-IEA because we are the appointed and authorized admission partner for top Medical, Technical and Federal Universities in Russia. Visit our website or contact us directly.   

Q – Why Russian medical universities MBBS fees are so cheap as compared to India?

Sans doubt, Russian medical university offers low-cost and budget-friendly MBBS in Russia. It is almost 3 times lesser than what you pay in India. There are several WHO and NMC recognized MBBS universities in Russia that are truly non-profit and funded by the Federal Government. Moreover, the government provides subsidies on education as well.

Q – Am I eligible for a government hospital job in India?

Yes, once students have completed MBBS education from NMC recognized medical university they can apply and pursue a government job in India after clearing the NEXT/FMGE screening test.

Q – Am I eligible to apply for a loan to pursue an MBBS course in Russia?

Yes, you will get an education loan from public and private banks. Doctors-IEA being the official representative of all major and top medical universities in Russia will guide you through the entire loan process and speedy sanction.

Q – What type of visa is required for MBBS in Russia?

You need a student visa to study MBBS in Russia. Students must apply for a visa along with the admission form of the chosen university. The Doctors-IEA team helps students in the entire admission and visa process so that you can grab your seat in the medical university of your choice without any issue. 

Q – How to apply for a student visa?

First, you have to select the medical university for MBBS. Then submit the online admission application to the university. The university gives an invitation letter and electronic confirmation of enrollment. Then you can apply for a visa in the Russian embassy. The easiest option is to contact Doctors-IEA. We perform everything from the admission process to visa application and travel arrangements as well.

Q – What is the duration of a student visa?

Entry visa for the first time is 90 days, then after arrival in university student will submit all documents and it will be extended for 365 days. From 2nd year to last year, everything will be done for a visa from the university side. The validity of the student visa remains till the course is accomplished. Students are allowed to stay for a very short period once their MBBS course is over.

Q – What are some major MBBS universities in Russia?

Some popular and top medical universities providing MBBS courses are Crimea Federal University, Rostov State Medical University, Kazan State Medical University, Volgograd State Medical University, Kursk State Medical University, People’s Friendship University, Far Eastern Medical University, etc.

Q – What kind of medical facility available for students in the university during their stay in Russia?

All students are given due attention when they fall ill. Medical treatment is available at university hospitals or clinics. Students are treated in the university hospital and the university also provides medical insurance to the students.

Q – What is the duration of medical courses in Russia?

The duration of courses varies from course to course:

  • Medicine (MBBS) – 6 years
  • BDS – 5 years
  • Pharmacy – 5 years
  • Preparatory courses: 8-10 months

Q – What is the cost of living in Russia?

The cost of living is affordable unless you want an exuberant lifestyle. The average cost of living including food, transportation, phone bill, and some miscellaneous expense will be $80-120 (estimated). The cost of living may go up slightly if you choose to study in cities like St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Q – Can students do a job along with the MBBS course in Russia?

Since students leave India to Russia on a student visa, they cannot do the job. 

Q – What is the mode of payment to deposit MBBS fees?

Students or parents can pay fees through overseas remittance. Do not forget to get the payment receipt as it is one of the essential documents that legitimate your admission.

Q – Does Doctors-IEA provide any local representative in Russia who can provide complete information during my MBBS in Russia?

Yes, of course. Our appointed representatives spread across the cities and have their presence in all the top medical universities in Russia. Students can avail themselves of their services whenever required. You can also mail us your questions and will share them with our local representative who will contact you or reach you to solve your local issues.

Q – Is there any limitation to NEXT/FMGE screening test appearance?

No, as of now, there is no limit on the number of times students can appear for the NEXT/FMGE screening test that is conducted twice in India. It is considered that all the top Russian medical universities provide training to prepare students for this test so that they can thrive in the first attempt.

Q – Is there any Installment facility for students to pay fees for the MBBS course?

Yes, most universities in Russia allow students to pay fees in installments. Contact Doctors-IEA officials to know more about fee structure, mode of payment, and installment options.

Q – What are the advantages of studying MBBS in Russia through Doctors-IEA?

Doctors-IEA team has close ties with NMC approved Russian medical universities and operating in this field for more than 16 years. We understand the Russian educational system from the root, hence able to provide practical and hassle-free assistance to the aspirants. To know more, please visit our website or contact us.

Q – Do I need to be proficient in the Russian language even if the medium of instruction is English in the university?

Students taking admission in English medium MBBS course will be taught in English. However, knowing the Russian language is still relevant as from the fourth year students would begin their clinical subject and training where they are supposed to attend hospitals and clinics and hence would have to interact with the local patients. The Russian language classes are provided from the first year itself even to English medium students during their MBBS abroad. Hence proficiency in the Russian language will be advantageous for them.

Q – What type of hostel or accommodation facility available in the university?

Hostel facility is available for students in Russian medical universities. Hostels are well-equipped and furnished with all kinds of basic to advanced amenities that include room-heater, hot water, free electricity, laundry, bedsheet, study-table, common kitchen to cook their food, high-speed internet, warden, security guards, and so on.

Q – Can students come to their homes on holidays?

Yes, students can come home during the holiday vacations. There are two holidays in a year in the Russian medical universities:

  • Winter vacation: 20th January to 5 Feb
  • Summer vacation: 1st July to 31st August

Q – Whom to contact in case of any issue or query at the university or hostel?

Students can contact the relevant authority in the university or hostel. Moreover, they also contact us. Our representative is available to help you in the Russian university.

Q – Are students allowed to open a bank account in Russia? How can parents send money to the students in Russia?

Yes, students can open a bank account in Russia. Doctors-IEA’s representative in Russia will help if any information or assistance is required to open a bank account in the local bank. Parents can send money to their bank account. Alternatively, students can also take an international debit card, forex card, or hard card (USD) with them.

Q – Are student’s parents or family allowed to visit during their MBBS in Russia?

Yes, parents and family can visit to meet the student at the university at their own expense. Students have to apply to the Doctors-IEA Team to get an invitation letter for their family on the basis of which they can apply for the visa in the Russian Embassy or consulate or can do all documentation through Doctors-IEA. 

Q – What is a migration card?

It is the document that declares that the student has crossed the border of the Russian Federation. It is a mandatory document that is available at the immigration department at the airport.

Q – What kind of environment students will confront in the university and classroom?

All top medical university in Russia offers excellent environment including international exposure with prime focus on practical training and classroom learning. The general teacher-student ratio is 1:15. Students are inspired and encouraged to excel in studies as well as in extracurricular activities. International and Informative seminars and lectures are also conducted regularly.

Q – Is studying MBBS in Russia Good?

Yes, studying MBBS in Russia is Good for Indian Students.

Student Life in Russia – Frequently asked questions by students


  • Where will I live?

The university you choose will provide comfortable basic student accommodation with common kitchen facilities. All hostels are supplied with cold and hot water and a central heating system, each room contains beds, a desk, chairs, and storage space, and a telephone facility. The cost is included in the yearly hostel fee that is paid to the University. The student hostel will provide you with an exciting opportunity to learn more about Russian culture and students’ cultures from other countries. For those who prefer to live out of university, private apartments are available, but students will have to rent them on their own and take all responsibility.

  • This is my first extended stay in another country. What can I expect?

Life in Russia is very different from home. Things that are taken for granted as routine at home may be very time to consume and frustrating in Russia. Also, living in student housing can be very challenging. Besides taking care of yourself, you will have to adapt and live with students from all over the world whose cultures are very different from yours. It is very important that you learn to adapt and handle each situation with maturity and poise. 

  • Where will I eat?

Students can dine at low-priced cafeterias which are located in the University. Alternatively, there are cafes, restaurants, and fast-food chains (McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc) in the cities where you can dine. Student hostels usually provide shared kitchen facilities for those who prefer to cook their meals. There are many supermarkets and stores where you can purchase your food if you choose to cook. Shared cooking among international students is also a popular activity.

  • What is student life like in Russia?

It is not all hard work when studying in Russia. Learning is not just confined to the classroom. There is a wide range of cultural activities to check out. Universities can arrange trips that provide an insight into the culture, history, and geography of Russia. There are also museums and galleries to explore. Students enjoy a wide selection of extracurricular activities that may include drama productions, horse riding, pilot lessons, and sports. There are also concerts, parties, and camping trips that are organized by the student unions. With most universities located in communities, many social and recreational activities and facilities are available to students; these include opera houses, ballets, and plays. There are also numerous yearly traditional and cultural events to look forward to.

  • What about foodstuffs and toiletries? Should I bring them with me?

It may be better to take a few extra dollars with you as you can buy practically every kind of food and toiletry in Russia. It is recommended, however, that you bring something just for the first few days.

  • It is known that Russia is a very cold country, how are the students protected from the cold?

Even though Russia is a cold country, severe winters would last for 2 – 3 months in a year. All the establishments like homes, hostels, classrooms, shops, etc as well as the public transports are centrally heated. Students are also advised to buy reasonably priced water and room heaters should they find the heating arrangements to be inadequate. Every student should also take care of wearing warm clothes like fur coats, caps, gloves, etc when they go outdoors. At other times the weather in Russia is not as cold as it is made out to be with temperatures between +20 degrees.

  • Are student hostels in or near the campus?

Yes. If not, how do I travel to classes? For some institutions, the hostel is within walking distance of the campus, but for others, some traveling is required. The normal mode of transportation for students is by bus, trolleybus, tramway, and subway (underground trains,). Russia has an efficient and extensive public transportation system. Buses and underground trains are reasonably priced and easily accessible.

  • May I practice my religion in Russia?

Yes, you can. Russia is home to over 100 nationalities and ethnic groups, as well as different religions. The Russian Orthodox Church is the largest religious group while Islam is the second most practiced religion.

  • Can a student earn while he studies?

A student enters into the Russian Federation on an invitation, which is issued by the University, which is an educational institution. This invitation and the subsequent visa issued is a “Student visa”. Therefore the student is not legally allowed to take on any employment nor could do a business activity. Any violation may result in expulsion from the University and subsequent deportation from the country. The Doctors-IEA on its part advises students to concentrate on education, the main reason for going to Russia, and refrain from any money-making activities.

  • How do I contact my parents or friends?

Russia may seem a long way from home, but, thanks to its excellent communication services, you will find it easy to keep in touch with your family and friends. With the growing number and variety of telephone and other communication services, you will have no trouble staying in close contact with your family and friends. You can contact by Internet services (WI-FI) or by phone software Whatsapp, Mig33, VoIP Buster, Qiwi, Skype. Etc. very cheap calling by using all this software.

Contact numbers: +7-9515174507 (Rus) |+91-7428212236 (Ind)

Russia is reckoned as one of the top choices for students aspiring for medical education in abroad. One of the reasons why pursuing MBBS in Russia for Indian students happens to be a great option is the affordable MBBS abroad fees structure and direct admission procedure in medical universities despite having world-class and high-quality medical education. The MBBS degree from Russia is worldwide accepted. All this makes Russia a hotspot for Indian students and a favorite destination for many aspirants who want to do an MBBS in Russia in the pursuit of a globally accepted and renowned medical degree. 

MBBS Fee Russia

The cost of doing MBBS in Russia is quite affordable and low as compared to other Western countries and India as well. Though the cost of MBBS in Russia may vary as per the universities. However, the average cost may range from 18 lacs to 30 lacs. If you do MBBS from Moscow universities in Russia the cost may range between a min of 45 lacs to 60 lacs max.

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Doctors-IEA offers free counseling services to students who want to study MBBS in Russia or other courses, but are confused about where to go and how to go about it. Doctors-IEA has rich experience in the field of educational services. Through our Head Office in Delhi and branch offices all over India and abroad, we provide comprehensive guidance and assistance to our students. Our services to the students also extend to Russia through our Directors who are headquartered in Rostov-Russia, and the branch offices/representatives in each University. Some of the services we are listed below:

Pre Admission Services:

  • Free counseling for the students and parents and providing information about various universities /courses in Russia.
  • Processing of application forms.
  • Ensuring admission to the selected university and obtaining Admission Letter from them.
  • Guidance in applying for a passport.
  • Guidance for applying to Banks for Education Loan.
  • Getting the visa Invitation Letter issued by the selected university.
  • Getting the visa stamped on the passport by the Russian Embassy.
  • Assistance in obtaining the necessary Foreign Exchange from authorized forex dealers or students can take from our office. 
  • Fully Travel guidance to a particular country. 

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    Post Admission Services:

    • Meeting the student at Moscow Airport, accompanying him/her to the university, and arranging admission to the university, the hostel, etc.
    • Arranging to get registration with the local Immigration authorities in Russia.
    • Help students in settling down in a new environment at no additional cost.
    • Students’ registration, medical insurance, and visa extension at the University.
    • Assistance in all the formalities on arrival at the University.
    • Provision of Indian food. [For Indian students].
    • Assistance in any issues concerned. [For the complete duration of Study].
    • Travel Arrangements assistance.
    • Special travel arrangements for parents.
    • Assistance in health-related problems.
    • We assist students in exams like FMGE, USMLE, PLAB, etc.
    • Assisting the student to remit the fees to the university.
    • Assistance in opening Bank Accounts in Russia.
    • Providing regular progress reports of the student to the parents.
    • Guidance for students who have completed their education to get registration with the NMC India / State Medical Councils.


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