March 7, 2019

About us

Doctors-IEA leading Educational Consultants for Study MBBS in Russia 

Doctors-IEA is a fully registered company in India and in Russia, having representatives in more than 28 countries. Doctors-IEA having direct contracts with several Top Medical, Technical & Federal Universities of Russia. We are working one and only for the Russian Universities. Every year we are enrolling the number of aspirants to Russian Universities. For more details, students can call us on 8010503035 (IND). After completing secondary school, one of the biggest challenges is making a decision on which University and where you are going to continue your studies. There are a lot of students who would like to continue their studies abroad in Russia which offers high-quality education but at a low cost. Let’s say your choice of profession is medicine because it is one of the most respected professions in the world. If you want to be a doctor and you are looking for the best Medical Universities where you can continue your studies, Call team Doctors-IEA at 8010503035 and you will have all the details.

Russian Medical Universities are governed by the Ministry of Health and Education, Degrees recognized globally. Course Duration is 5.8 months. Here on this website, we are promoting Kazan State Medical University and Kazan Federal University. 

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