Important tips before you pack your bag and fly

Before you step into the Russian territory to follow your dream career, you must know that an entirely new country will become your second home for the next few years until you complete your MBBS course. Hence doing some research and knowing the prevailing culture, rituals, language, and lifestyle is essential for Indian students. Moreover, before the departure to your dream destination – Russia, it is recommended to start your preparation a little earlier so that you have sufficient time to plan and organize or reorganize the whole preparation of the entire mission in Russia.

It is advisable to make a list of the things you are going to do or carry along with you to Russia and the university you are going to be enrolled in. Here is the list of things to be remembered before you pack your bag to Russia:

  • Set of all the documents and certificates required to submit or show in the university before and after admission.
  • Original passport and visa.
  • Additional 4-5 Xerox copies of all essential documents.
  • 20-30 extra passport size photo.
  • Admission or invitation letter from the university.
  • Currency converted into local currency to do your living in initial days.
  • Personal items for grooming, dental care, personal hygiene, and so on.
  • First-aid kit and generic medication for pain, fever, seasonal allergies, and cold.

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