March 7, 2019

Kazan city at a glance

Kazan city at a glance;

Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, one of the largest and most beautiful cities of Russia, which is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage cities. The old Kazan is the center of the city. There are beautiful buildings raised in different architectural styles. Mansions in the style of modernism coexist with the Baroque monuments. You can feel the aura of antiquity spell from ancient white walls of the Kazan Kremlin where from a superb view on the river opens. Imagination is boggled by the red bell tower of Bogoyavlenskaya church at the pedestrian Bauman street beloved by tourists.

  • Kazan is also honored as the third capital of Russia.
  • It is a famous sports center in Russia. The city hosted 2013 Universiade and much national hockey, boxing, and swimming championships.
  • Fina World Championship 2015.
  • It is also one of the hosting cities of the 2018 FIFA world cup.
  • The city experiences the Humid Continental Climate.
  • Summers have an average temperature of 20 degrees and winters have an average temperature of -10 degrees.
  • World skills Championships 2019.

Two Main Universities of Kazan city:

  1. Kazan State Medical University
  2. Kazan Federal University

A great city for foreign students / Largest and oldest city of Russia / Foreign students hub for study Medicine

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