March 7, 2019

MBBS in KSMU,Kazan


Address: Street Butlerova 49, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, 420012 

A medical study in Russia: Russian has been for the longest time the ideal place to study Medicine (MBBS). It is specifically because of its quality education and easy admission into their universities.     It is also safe to say that the fees in Russia to study MBBS are quite affordable compared to other countries. School fees are one of the major limitations for students to join leading universities, and Russia being quite affordable makes it the best country to pursue your MBBS studies in Russia. Russia is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, had very high standards of MBBS and has a very low cost of living. The Russian government has put a lot of effort into the development of universities, this is to maintain high standards of higher education.    

About KSMU, Kazan:  Kazan state medical university is one of that higher education to study MBBS in Russia. It was established way back in 1814, at Kazan, Russia. It offers updated and extensive MBBS studies in Russia. It specifically out stands in how it teaches its students. The process includes approach, beginning with lectures then followed by laboratories, practical work and in-depth examination of patients and clinical duties. This is, however, a general outline of the extensive teaching process used in Kazan state medical university. It was rated third best university in the country of Russia. Best Medical University with full English medium course.

Main Faculties of foreign students: Its Medicine (MBBS), Dentistry (BDS), Pharmacy, Preparatory course. Fully English Medium faculties for Indians & foreign students is Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy.

Hostels: KSMU having three main hostels for foreign students,  per each room sharing by 2 or 3 students. Students hostels are not far from the main campus. For the latest updates, admission, fee structure, feel free to visit our website: or Call us at 8010503035

Admission Procedure: The admission process begins by you sending us the scanned copy of the documents listed below:

  • Filled application form
  • Passport
  • Secondary school certificate or transcript
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • Photos (passport size 35*45mm at the matte paper)

We will get you the admission letter and invitation letter from the selected university. We will also guide you through the entire process and will complete all documentation including visa, ticket (for Indian students), For other countries only admission and invitation letter.

Get admission from KSMU authorized representative Doctors-Ideal educational advisors. Doctors-IEA has been of great help to an international student who aspires to study MBBS in Russia-Kazan State Medical University. They act as a one-stop consultant for a study MBBS abroad in Russia.  Doctors-IEA has aided a lot of students in terms of choosing the best prestigious universities, courses offered, tuition fees, admission procedures, study opportunities, bi-lateral exchange programs, etc. Doctors-IEA has helped Indian students since 2007 to join the Russian universities successfully.  It is, however, advisable to seek admission through Doctors ideal educational advisors that are well recognized and authorized by the Russian Top Medical Universities, is a website that makes it easy for international students to apply online. 

Fee structure of Kazan State Medical University, Russia 

Kazan State Medical University | Study MBBS in Russia 

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