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People’s Friendship University – Study MBBS from The Best Medical University in Russia

People’s Friendship University is formed in 1960 and the Institute for Medicine is integrated in the same year. Students from all over the world seek admission in this high-profile and immensely facilitated medical institution in Moscow, Russia to pursue a high-quality MBBS program. Get 100% assistance and support for admission from Doctors-IEA Team.

If being an Indian student, you are perplexed about where and which university to choose to pursue your medical education abroad, then the solution is galore in Russia. People’s Friendship University in Russia is contemplated as one of the top universities in Russia, offering superlative graduate and post-graduate medical courses that too at affordable People’s Friendship University MBBS fees. The university is also known as RUDN University.

Over the years, Russia has emerged as a hot destination for affordable yet quality-led MBBS program for many Indians and international students across the globe. Russia at present is the hub of medical tourism in Asia and the leading choice for students who are looking to pursue a top-rated MBBS program abroad. There are a large number of world-class medical universities ready to accommodate thousands and thousands of medical aspirants every year. 

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    Welcome to study MBBS in Moscow

    Overview People’ Friendship University, Moscow

    People’s Friendship University, Russia (PFUR) was established in 1960 by a special regulation of the USSR government. Earlier it was named Patrice Lumumba University of People’s University. The university is a state university that comes under the Government of the Russian Federation. The People’s Friendship University ranking is not only good globally but it has also occupied one of the top ranks among classical universities in Russia and leading status in training international students. The university is equipped with a scientific research program based upon several research laboratories and centers.

    The PFUR has 14 faculties and Academic Institutes. The number of teaching staff is 2200 that comprises highly experienced and adept lecturers and professors (more than 1300 Ph.D., D.Sc, and academicians). The university has 29 thousand students including 6000 international students from 145 countries. All these students are organized in students association and by country and region. More than 80 thousand foreign students from 170 countries have completed their education from PFUR which combines the classical structure of higher education. PFUR also promotes the objectives of true education and bringing up youth in the spirit of humane tolerance, and mutual respect. A massive number of graduates and post-graduates from this university, including 5500 Ph.D. and Doctorate degree holders from this university, working in more than 170 countries.

    The university offers a wide range of professional courses that covers all fields in fundamental Sciences, Medical Science, Humanities, Engineering, IT, and so on. Almost 75 majors specialties are there to gran on the graduate and undergraduate level.

    Fact Check in Brief:

    Name of the University People’s Friendship University
    Location Moscow, Russia
    Popular Name/Abbrev. PFUR, RUDN
    Institute Type Government 
    Year of Establishment 1960
    Number of Faculty & Academic Institute 14


    Medium of Instruction English/Russian
    NEET Required Yes, It is Required & Mandatory
    Courses Offered General Medicine, Dentistry, Pediatrics, Pharmacy
    Minimum percentage required 65% in English, Chemistry, Biology per each subject
    IELTS/TOEFL Not Required
    Fees for MBBS 11000 USD/ (approx) Each Year
    Duration of MBBS 6 Years
    University Recognition WHO, NMC of India Approved
    University World Ranking World Ranking – 941, Country Rank-17
    Category Medical Colleges in Russia
    Contact Official Representative Doctors-IEA, website:-

    Highlights of People’s Friendship University of Russia

    • Currently, over 29000 students graduate and post-graduate students from almost 140 countries are studying in the university.
    • Almost 80 thousand graduates including 5500 Ph.D. and Doctorate degree holders from this university work in more than 170 countries.
    • More than 6500 international students enrolled in the academic session 2019-20.
    • A team of more than 4500 employees including above 2800 exceeding qualified teachers.
    • 60 years of existence, popular as a major academic and research center and many years in top five Russian universities.
    • The admission is granted on the basis of the People’s Friendship University scholarship as well.
    • The university is one of the leading state higher educational institutions of Russia.
    • Its multi-profile structure of faculties and majors makes him one of the leading universities in the world.
    • It is highly very popular university in Russia students from 145-155 countries come to enroll every year.
    • Students are associated with students’ council, social education, and support of their rights.

    People’s Friendship University – “Institute for Medicine”

    The Institute for Medicine was formed in People’s Friendship University in 1960. Since then, it has been an integral department of PFUR. Students from all over the world seek People’s Friendship University admission to pursue MBBS because of the quality of education and its degree both are acknowledged and accepted worldwide. It has more than 2600 students and 43 departments. There are more than 500 lecturers in the university that include academicians, eminent professors, Ph.Ds., honored scientists of the Russian Federation, laureates of the Russian Federation state prize, laureates of the government state prize, corresponding member of the Russian academy of the medical science and social academies. The Institute for Medicine at PFUR is quite popular and has a top-rated reputation both in Russia and worldwide. In the present scenario, more than 6600 professionals who have taken their degrees from the Institute for Medicine at PFUR are working in more than 120 countries around the world.

    The university focuses enormously on the practical learning and clinical training of the students during the MBBS program. It has several laboratories with the latest and advanced diagnostic and research equipment. It allows medical students to penetrate the mystery of structure and functioning of the human anatomy and physiology and also helps them to know how to diagnose diseases and introduce an innovative method of prevention and treatment. At present, the Institute for Medical PFUR is well-equipped with 14 novel clinical laboratories. In addition to it, during the training process, TV broadcasting and computer testing are widely utilized and for further improvement and upliftment of practical training liver fiber scanning, andrology, and subdivision of computer Tomography have been established.

    Over the years, PFUR has gained global popularity in terms of rendering top-notch medical education to international students, hence got People’s Friendship University reviews from current students and former alumni.

    Some Compelling Reasons that Attract Students to PFUR

    • Duly approved by WHO, UNESCO, and NMC of India
    • English as a medium instruction for MBBS program for foreign students
    • A large number of international students across the world enrolled in the MBBS program every year.
    • Subsidized and reasonably low People’s Friendship University MBBS fees (lesser than Indian private colleges)
    • Positive comments and People’s Friendship University reviews by the students studying in the university as well as by alumni
    • People’s Friendship University country ranking and global ranking is highly appreciable
    • Great infrastructure with high-end equipment for practical and research training
    • No entrance exam or IELTS/TOEFL required
    • A medical degree is recognized and accepted worldwide

    Note: Doctors-IEA (Doctors Ideal Educational Advisors), an official and authorized representative, will provide you complete assistance in getting admission to the university. Contact us for a hassle-free admission process. You can also find university-related information on the People’s Friendship University’s official website.

    Why Choose PFUR, Moscow, Russia?

    People’s Friendship University is located in Moscow, Russia which is the capital city of this country. Being an India aspirant, you would be glad to know that there 2 of the most popular and top-level universities in Russia. One of them imparting the MBBS program is PFUR. Indian students studying here are quite happy and satisfied over here. Moscow is a globally known city and being the capital region it has lots of things to offer to international students and most of them are top-class and the best of Russia. Hence, if you choose to study MBBS from Russia, this university in Moscow would be a great choice as it is rewarded with ‘A Grade’ by WHO and approved by NMC of India as well. If you are a girl, we suggest you choose this top medical university to complete your medical studies as it is entirely safe and secured for girls. Moreover, the People’s Friendship University fee is also very nominal.

    Being in ‘A’ Grade and among the few top-rated medical universities in Russia by NMC of India, the cost to study medicine is higher as compared to other low-cost cheap NMC approved medical universities with ‘B’ Grade. Doctors-IEA team will recommend you to choose A Grade medical universities if higher cost commitment is not an issue for you. Moreover, studying in the capital city of Russia has its own benefits such as the quality of education is the best, the safety of highest level and life is much better for those 6 years while pursuing MBBS in Russia. 

    PFUR offers an MD degree after the completion of the medical program which is equivalent to an MBBS degree in India. Students can pursue master level medical education from PFUR which is approved in many countries. At present, more than 500 medical practitioners who returned from this university are at work in various prestigious hospitals and medical institutions in India after clearing the FMG/NEXT exam. It is notable that owing to a top-grade (A Graded by WHO) the passing percentage of licensing exams in India is quite high. We all know as per the current regulation of NMC of India, clearing the licensing exam is mandatory after completing an MBBS degree from abroad or India.

    The university has a colossal and overwhelming infrastructure for medical education, research, and training. It consists of hospitals, teaching and training buildings, hostels, libraries, reading rooms, canteen, cafeteria, research center and several other essential facilities for the students within the university campus. There is a number of hospitals under PFUR. Among the many, 12 hospitals with staggering 9000 hospital beds are used for educational and practical training purposes for the students. PFUR is also a great choice for MBBS because you will find many senior Indian students to help and support you during the initial year of settling down. The affordable People’s Friendship University fee structure is just another advantage for aspiring Indians.

    Fees for MBBS at PFUR Moscow:

    The People’s Friendship University fee is quite affordable as compared to private medical colleges in India. Moreover, the quality of the MBBS program at PFUR is outstanding. That is why a huge number of international students seek admission in the MBBS course at this university.

    People’s Friendship University fee structure is given below:

    Fees Pattern 1st year 2nd year to 6th year Grand Total
    Tuition Fee 11700 USD 11000 USD 66700 USD Total
    Hostel Fee Included Included
    Medical Insurance Included Included
    Food Excluded Excluded
    Total in INR Rs 8,57,000 Rs 8,06,000 Rs 48,87,000

    *Tuition fees are fixed for six years.

    *Students who will live in a private hostel or apartment fee will differ for them. 

    Doctors-IEA team would like to inform you that the exchange rate is extremely volatile and is subjected to change, in such a scenario the fees shown above may differ from the actual price due to a change in the exchange rate and other factors. Candidates are requested to check the current exchange rate before initiating the admission process.

    University Ranking at a Glance

    The PFUR is one of the top and highly acclaimed universities in Russia that acquires high rankings both in the country and global university rankings. People’s Friendship University ranking in the world is 370 according to QS Global World University Rankings. As far as is People’s Friendship University country ranking concerned it is a top ten universities in Russia. It is ranked 17 according to Russian University Ranking.  

    Academic Semester

    The academic year of PFUR is separated into 2 terms comprised of 18 weeks each. The first semester begins in September and the second semester in February. Students can relish a vacation of 2 weeks in January and 6 weeks in July-August. Students are should reach there before 10 September.

    Medical and Health care facility at PFUR

    People’s Friendship University, Russia bestows ample provision for students’ and teachers’ health and care. If any students fall ill, the administration takes notice of him/her and provides high-level healthcare assistance at the university’s polyclinic. Moreover, the medical and rehabilitation centers are well-furnished with state of the art provisions. It is obligatory for every staff and student to go through the annual health check-up. A regular health care facility is also provided by University’s Medical Centre on the basis of medical insurance policy that levies the cost of around $270 per year. Hence, all kinds of medical and health facilities are duly available within the campus itself.

    Sports and Leisure Facility for Students at PFUR

    Apart from study, students are encouraged to take part in sports and leisure activities as well. The university offers sports facilities like basketball, football, handball, halls for gymnastics, and several other games and leisure activities free of charge. In addition to it, a shopping center, international post-office, telephone center, a restaurant serving delicious food, computer, and cultural center and so on. The sports complex extends in the area of 6500 sq. There are 15 tennis courts, 4 football grounds, 2 indoor grounds, and other 36 sports categories. 

    Hostel Facility at PFUR

    The People’s Friendship University hostel facilities are one of the best. It is available for all foreign students. The hostels are 5-stories and 16-stories building. The building consists of self-contained rooms having double bedded and triple bedded arrangements. The hostel is well-furnished with all kinds of amenities such as water, electricity, furniture, bed, washing, and cooking facilities. The common kitchen is available for those who want to cook their own food. There is a separate provision of accommodation for girls and boys. The cost of the hostel may range from around $750 to $2500 per year.

    Both university and hostel campus is safe and secured for students regardless of their gender. The university campus is strongly fenced. Proper discipline and security are strictly maintained. Electronic entry and exit systems prevail. Visitors are only allowed after identification. A modern and up-to-date fire prevention system is also installed in all the premises of the universities and hostel buildings.  The whole hostel building and university campus remain under the surveillance of CCTV cameras and special security guards.

    Scholarship for Students

    The Russian government offers scholarships to foreign students who are financially underprivileged but have a strong desire and aspiration for MBBS in Russia. Russian universities generally officially proclaimed quotas for scholarship and admission process on Russia Day. Foreign or Indian students who are willing to do MBBS from PFUR are eligible to avail of this scholarship opportunity.

    The eligibility of the scholarship must be attained in order to avail People’s Friendship University scholarship concerned, students must have secured 65-70% and above in 12th in the general category. The update can be procured from the People’s Friendship University official website.

    Admission Procedure to Study MBBS in PFUR, Moscow in Simple Steps:

    • STEP-1: Call or Visit Doctors-IEA Team Official representative of University.
    • STEP-2: Properly fill the online application form of the Peoples’ Friendship University.
    • STEP-3: After filling the online application form, the candidate will receive an offer letter from the university.
    • STEP-4: Pay processing fees and then submit all essential documents required to get admission to NMC recognized medical college-PFUR Moscow.
    • STEP-5: After receiving processing fees and original documents, the Doctors-IEA team will apply for an invitation letter and visa documentation.
    • STEP-6: After getting the Visa, the Doctors-IEA team will arrange tickets and all a proper set of documents to fly for a particular university with a group of students and their representatives.

    What are the Eligibility Criteria for study MBBS at PFUR Moscow for Indians?

    Eligibility criteria for study MBBS in PFUR are based on your 12th standard marks or grades.

    • You should be at the age of 17 on or before 31st December during the current year of admission.
    • The student must have more than 65% marks per each subject in ECB (English, Chemistry, Biology) in 12th Class.
    • NEET  (Qualified marks) is mandatory to study MBBS in PFUR.
    • Only regular students can apply not from open school.

    The admission process begins by you sending us the scanned copy of the documents listed below, for more details or free counseling consult Doctors-IEA officially authorized representative of PFUR for Indian and Foreign students.

    Documents required for study MBBS in PFUR Moscow (For Indian Students)

    • Filled application form with fee guarantee letter.
    • Passport with a validity of a minimum of two years.
    • 10th, 12th Certificates, and mark-sheets.
    • 20  passport size photographs (35*45 mm @80% face at the matte finish paper with a white background.
    • Medical tests: HIV test, X-Ray Chest, Blood test, Health Fitness certificate.

    For Other Countries: 

    • Filled application form with fee guarantee letter
    • Passport with a validity of a minimum of two years.
    • Secondary school certificate (English, Chemistry & Biology)
    • Medical tests: HIV test, X-Ray Chest, Blood test, Health Fitness certificate.
    • 20 Photos (passport size 35*45 mm at the matte paper)

    We will get you the admission letter and invitation letter from the university. We will also guide you through the entire process and will complete all documentation including visa, ticket (for Indian students), For other countries aspirants, we will provide admission and invitation letter and will provide complete guidelines regarding visas, tickets. An incoming student enrolled through Doctors-IEA Team will receive by an official representative at Moscow airports. 

    Why the Contribution of Doctors-IEA Team is Exceedingly Valuable

    As the number of medical aspirants looking for foreign destinations rising every year, the task of choosing the best medical university with a great reputation and providing top-class education is getting more challenging and cumbersome. This is where the contribution and support of the Doctors-IEA team become massively valuable. We do not only help students to apply for the MBBS course in PFUR at the right time and before the deadline but we also empower you with all the true information on how to get admission to this university or other top medical university in Russia. Our team of experts and qualified academic consultant facilitate real guidance with the challenges and opportunities of pursuing MBBS in Russia.

    We helped thousands of desperate medical aspirants from India to get enrolled in the top medical universities in Russia, including a large number of students getting admission to People’s Friendship University in Russia. Students and parents are heartily welcomed in our Delhi office and branches all over India. We make sure all your queries and apprehensions are solved in the most appropriate manner so that you can make the right choice and by taking the right decision to follow your dream medical career in Russia.

    Advantage Doctors-IEA

    • All information under one roof, from selecting a university to getting admission.
    • Authentic and reliable information.
    • Trusted by parents and students across the country.
    • 100% admission placement record so far.
    • Opportunity to connect with students already pursuing MBBS in top Russian universities.
    • True commitment, 100% transparent policy.
    • Continuous support and assistance until the completion of the course in Russia.
    • Minimum charges and fees with no hidden cost.
    • Chance to get admission to the best medical universities in Russia.

    We believe all the relevant and valuable information has been delivered here which will be adequate for your search for MBBS in Russia at People’s Friendship University. For any further information on MBBS admission in PFUR or other NMC recognized medical university in Russia, you can directly contact us. You will find us a true companion and a trustworthy representative for admission to the MBBS program in Russia.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q – How expensive is People’s Friendship University’s Institution for Medicine?

    Though the fees of medical courses are quite low than what it is in many Indian private medical colleges, however as compared to other low-cost NMC medical universities in Russia, the MBBS fees are slightly on the higher side.

    Q – Is PFUR a reputed MBBS university in Russia?

    It is among the top ten medical universities in Russia. It is the only university that uniting students from more than 140 countries of the world. Moreover, being located in Moscow the infrastructure, training, research facility, and hostel are among the best in the country. 

    Q – Do I need to pay any capitation fees in PFUR?

    No, not at all. There is no capitation or donation amount required to get admission to the MBBS course. You need to pay yearly fees and that too directly in the university account.

    Q – What will be the medium of instruction or teaching for foreign students?

    International students will be taught the whole MBBS course in English. However, Russian is also taught so that you can deal with patients during training and making life easier outside the campus.

    Q – Do students have to face any kind of ragging during their initial days?

    No, the university does not support any kind of ragging. Strict norms have been applied to curb such activities on the campus. Hence, students are safe from such issues.

    Q – What is the girl and boys ratio in the university?

    The university has a coeducation system. The percentage of boys is more as compared to girls, however, there is still a healthy number of girls enrolled every year from several countries including India.

    Q – What if I do not know anything about getting admission to a Russian university?

    Doctors-IEA team offer full support and assistance for MBBS admission in Russia. We are the official representative for many reputed and top-class medical universities in Russia. Rely on us for all your admission related needs. Thousands of students have either completed their medical course or studying in various Russian medical universities happily after applying there through Doctors-IEA.

    Call for more details about the university, admission, processing, fees at MBBS in PFU, Russia:

    +91-7428212236, 7428203118, 8010503035

    Toll-free 1800-419-5827 (For Indian Students), +79515174507 (International Students)
    Students or parents can write to us at WhatsApp also: +917428212236, +79515174507