Petrozavodsk State University


Petrozavodsk State University is the largest multi-disciplinary classical university in the European North of Russia. The university plays the leading role in the scientific, personnel, and technological maintenance of the social and economic development of the Republic of Karelia, in the development of the most promising spheres of techniques and technologies, in the innovative and production activity and cross-border international cooperation. There are academicians, ministers, and world-famous specialists in culture and science among its graduates.

There are more than 17700 students:

    • 15000 graduate students
    • 430 postgraduate students
    • 2330 students of minor programs

There are more than 1100 lecturers and research staff members, including:

    • 10 members of the State Russian Academies of Sciences
    • 730 doctors and candidates of science (Ph.D.)

The university has one of the largest libraries in Karelia. Since 1980, PetrSU has been admitting international students. Over 500 foreign students had participated in various education programs at the university. Besides education, the university conducts research in various fields of science, including 28 joint international programs. The international relations of the university are developing rapidly. PetrSU joint scientific research projects with universities of Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Poland, the United States, and Canada. PetrSU takes an active part in international programs of the Baltic region and Barents Euro-Arctic region, Nordic Council of Ministers, Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, Fulbright, etc. Each year the university holds about 10 international conferences.

PetrSU is the largest educational institution and the leading university of the system of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the European North of Russia.

PetrSU structure:

    • 8 faculties, 80 departments, 6 educational institute
    • 8 research institutes
    • 40 research and innovation centers, business-incubator, Technopark


    • Faculty of Agriculture
    • Faculty of Mining and Geology
    • Faculty of Mathematics
    • Faculty of Physical Engineering
    • Faculty of Philology
    • Faculty of Ecology and Biology
    • Faculty of Economics
    • Faculty of Law
    • Faculty of History, Political and Social Studies
    • Institute of Medicine (study medicine at Russia-Petrozavodsk State University)
    • Faculty of Forest, Industrial and Civil Engineering
    • Faculty of Foreign Languages
    • Institute of Pedagogics and Psychology
    • Institute of Physical Culture, Sport, and Tourism

Why Petrozavodsk?

    • Petrozavodsk is the largest (capital) city of the Republic of Karelia, but at the same time, it is quite calm and has a real Russian charm.
    • You need only one night to get to Moscow or  St. Petersburg by a comfortable night train.
    • Living with a Russian family, you will get to know what Russian hospitality means.
    • You will study Russian in a friendly atmosphere and make friends with Russian students.

Admission open for the 2021 academic year, interesting students may contact us

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Students or parents can write to us at WhatsApp also +79515174507 (24*7)

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