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Doctors-IEA provides expert advice about your Study. As an experienced consultant, we guide students & parents through the Study process. We help you to choose the course. We help you to choose the Colleges / Universities. We do all this based on expert analysis and understanding of the student’s academic interest, academic background, extracurricular activities, financial background, and choice of courses. We believe it’s an honor to help students study. Every year, Russia welcomes thousands of new students. Going there as an international student is an exciting opportunity, but also a great challenge.

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    Studying in Russia provides you with great opportunities. It is not just a chance to get a high-quality education and a prestigious degree; it is also a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will get to know about the culture, traditions, language, attitudes, and values of the Russian people. The decision to study Russia will most certainly open up a new world brimful of exciting, captivating, and rewarding adventure!

    Here in Russia, we have more than 150 specialties, Medical, Engineering, Economics, Law, etc. 

    Doctors-IEA is one & only educational advisors for Russia, who is providing direct admissions to students, for more details please write to us at:

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    Students or parents can write to us at WhatsApp also +79515174507 (24*7)

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